WATCH: Police fire stun grenade on crowds outside Gupta home

Sharlene Rood, News24

Police dispersed protesters outside the Gupta compound with a stun grenade late on Friday afternoon.

Tensions in Saxonwold flared when a group of anti-Zuma demonstrators clashed with members of the Black First Land First (BFLF) movement.

BFLF voiced their support for president Zuma and his cabinet reshuffle. A small group sang, danced and wielded knobkieries.

BFLF national spokespeople Zanele Lwana told media that the Gupta’s are not the enemy of black people.

“ If white people are going to attack the Gupta’s we are going to defend them,” she said.

Meanwhile, anti-Zuma protesters were adamant the Gupta family should leave the country.

“Today we were downgraded again for a second time. It’s wrong!” one said.

Police separated the two groups with crime-scene tape and formed a human barrier between the groups.

They urged the gathering to disperse peacefully.

Crowds thinned shortly after the stun grenade was detonated.

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