UN confirms re-opening of the Rwandan border with the DRC

The United Nations has confirmed that the Rwandan border with the Democratic Republic of Congo has reopened after it was earlier sealed over the deadly Ebola outbreak in the eastern DRC. The closure happened earlier Thursday after the third case of Ebola was identified in the eastern city of Goma – a city of more than two million people. The Congolese government earlier protested the move. This was an exchange with the UN’s top Ebola official a short time ago, speaking from the town of Beni which is regarded as the epicenter of the current outbreak. Rwanda has re-opened its border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
It follows the death of a confirmed Ebola case in Goma, the largest city in the Eastern DR Congo bordering Rwanda.
The UN World Health Organization says the outbreak is the second deadliest in history.
The SABC’s Michael Baleke reports from Kampala.

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