Preserving isiXhosa language

The fight for the inclusion and recognition of indigenous languages on the same level of importance as English and Afrikaans is nothing new in the country. The 1974 uprising is testament to that. But in 1994 the government recognised 11 official languages as part of South Africa’s multi-cultural heritage. It was a deliberate move to elevate and advance the indigenous tongues that were suppressed by the apartheid government. In the Eastern Cape, home of the Xhosa nation, isiXhosa is the main language. It is also the second most used first language in the country after isiZulu. The isiXhosa language is also an identity of the Xhosa people which springs from the effects of colonialism and apartheid on the Xhosa people and the development of the language. Our reporter Lerato Thipa filed this report..

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