Our houses are falling apart : residents

Houses were built for employees of Anglo American Platinum in Rustenburg in the year 2010.
However as soon as the employees started moving in, they realized that the houses were not environmentally friendly for them to live in.
Residents say, “Sometimes the houses shake, water does not pour in but the house shakes like there is an earth tremor.”
Thabiso Monesa said,” The circumstances here are not good because every time it rains, the water pours into the house, just last week Tuesday, we did not sleep because of the water that poured into the house.”
No proper drainage systems are in place that is why some houses and the streets get flooded.
Mpumi Sithole from Anglo American Platinum said, “They trusted the builders Tora Ya Africa, and the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) to make sure the quality of workmanship was practiced but that did not happen.”
Now Anglo America has decided to take matters in their own hands and pay these subsidy, since the lawyers first asked residents to pay R7000.00 then R15 000.00, which they cannot afford.
The Mayor of Rustenburg have yet to visit the site and is unaware of the situation the community is facing.
An intervention has occurred since the Special Report team visited the community.

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