Media Monitor, 26 May 2019

Welcome to Media Monitor. This is where we take a look inside the world of media, analysing the trends, the issues and the reporting of some of the week’s top stories.

I’m Peter Ndoro and this is what’s coming up on the show.

A report by Southern African Women’s Rights Organisation, Gender Links was released this past week depicting gender parity in the media. We will be talking to Gender links a bit more about the study.

Can president Ramaphosa save the media, well we’ll find out during the course of the show as we’ll be sitting down with a media data analyst who will unpack this for us…

And you can let us know what your thoughts are on the speculation swirling around in the media regarding who the next deputy president could be. Let us know what you think on twitter use the handle @sa media monitor.

As usual we get our guests to unpack the Sunday papers. Well, these are some of the stories that we will be tackling on the show. But first let’s take a look at the front pages of your Sunday newspapers this morning.

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