Gender discrimination and stereotyping in the workplace: Hema Vallabh

National Women’s Day takes place tomorrow. Whilst the day commemorates the 1956 women’s march against South Africa’s oppressive pass laws, the day also draws attention to significant issues South African women still face today, including discrimination in the workplace. One type of discrimination comes in the form of gender stereotyping which shapes our expectations about whether a man or a woman is a better “fit” for a given job, a bias that can give host of employment outcomes. This issue came to the fore recently when SA Institution of Civil Engineering CEO Manglin Pillay wrote an article questioning the place of women in the profession., saying women are “predisposed” to caring and people-orientated careers. Needless to say, this has caused some outrage by among others the organisation Women in Engineering. Joining me now is Co-Founder of Womeng Hema Vallabh.

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